Stunning Weddings 

Our page Stunning wedding, is a fantastic page to help you with your big day - wedding advice, tips for Brides and grooms - wedding photo - Booking now for basic package
Photography  by  Demetris WPO  & Nitsa H 

We have the best clients, the best weddings and the best time capturing beatutiful  and meaningful images. Every wedding is a blissful Adventure...

What can I do to Look best in my wedding Photos?

If you prefer a photojournalistic look,don't stop to pose each time you sense the camera pointed your way. Your Phototoprint Cyprus wedding photographer wants to capture the spontaneuous moments that show the

true spirit of your day,not just a pose.Therefore, it is best to let your family and friends know that  you have a candid photographer so that they won't constantly ask them to take posed photos.



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