Underwater wedding photography

We are passionate about all that we do and love underwater weddings. It is a passion  and  an art. We are not  the typical photographers. We strive to be different and very fashionable. We Love life and we have  Fun. We are not coming  to the party, we bring the party!
Photography  by  Demetris WPO  & Nitsa H


We are very proud for our new addition to our services as cyprus wedding photographers. This year we added underwater photography in addition to the location and ceremony photoshoot for our clients.


We also wanted to inform those of you that have already got married or have booked their wedding photographer that we can still work with you for an underwater photoshoot.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for an underwater photoshoot even if you already have another photographer for your wedding day. We are here to make your dreams come true!




Summer is our favorite time of the year here at dcphotoprint because the weather gives us tons of opportunities to be creative in the most exciting ways. This past weekend we had fun diving with two great girls, Demi and Niki, for an underwater photoshoot. The results were stunning! A simple movement in the sea is ten times more magical than on dry land. Shooting in water is such an amazing thing. The ability to be weightless, becomes a reality in water, a phenomenon that we love shooting since it creates a world that resembles the outter space. 


This particular photoshoot was not only exciting for us but also for our models. These are two girls that shot in water for the first time and they thought that it was the most fun photoshoot that they've done so far. The warm waters of the Mediterranean, the liquid blue magic surrounding us, the sunrays coming throught the surface of water make everyone involved in the photoshoot to want to do it a million times over. 


Our recipe is simple, add a lot of love for photography plus a few drops of adventurous spirit and the result is an explosion of ideas and a beautiful picture with the color palette of the Mediterranean. 

Every new couple we get to work with is a new adventure and amazing to create art  and tell their story. We love seeing art in every day simple things and truly believe that wedding pictures should be nothing short of work of art. Beautiful photographic composition, perfect moments and dramatic lighting - when these all come 

together perfect pictures  are created and that makes our hearts sing!

We absolutely love what we do and look forward to telling your story!!




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