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Portrait on Location

On Location

When outdoors, it doesn't matter if you are around the corner from

the studio or in Morocco: you are on location and therefore mast be


Other considerations arise when making the portrait outside the studio such as in the subjet's home or office or in an outdoor setting. You must consider the portability of your equipmment, the problemsspecific to each location, the working

space, the background, the time available for the shoot, the power supply for

lights, and of couse, the weather. On location, you must quickly get control of the

situation that presents itself.

The basic survival kit is an extension of your studio. Besides strobes, power

boxes, and/or tungsten lights, it is the accessories that can make the shoot successful. Umbrella act like portable skylights in the quality of light they emit.

Umbrella lighting works in offices, outdoors (without wind), near windows as fill, or

as part of a mixed-lighting scenario. Bounce cards or a large white polystyrene

reflector, aluminum foil, tissue paper, extra flash tubes and bulbs, three-prong

adapters, gaffer's tape, clamps, a hand-held strobe (as a backup), light stands,

tripod. In some instances you must bring a portable system for backdrop as a

contingency against background clutter end for possible useas as a surface for

bouncing the lights.


Because of their personality or love of nature, some clients prefer to be photographed outdoors. when outdoors, it doesn't matter if you are around the

corner from the studio or in Morocco: you are on location and therefore must be

self-sufficient. In this case, less is more. technical expertise and ingenuity are

critical every step of the way.

Site selection is the key to making the picture work. Avoid blinding sun that

causes the subject to squint,and avoid disturbing, busy backgrounds. Find areas

that look natural for positioning of the subject. Places that are too colorful, like

flower gardens, can be distracting. A wooded area is better, its neutra colors will

not compete with the model and the soft light filtering through the trees can enhance the

portrait. You can use selective focus to minimize disturbihg backgrounds and unwanted

details in the surround.

Medium telephoto lenses work best for this kind of portrait.The use of a professional

lens shede is helpful when shooting portraits in natural light, especially in backlit and

sidelit scenes when direct light might enter the camera lens and cause flare. the lens shade is also invaluable when working with diffusion filters and vignetters for special effects.


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