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wedding photo ideas ayia napa cyprus

wedding photo ideas ayia napa cyprus

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Aspects of the Figure

When you pose and light your model, and when choose your viewpoint, you shoud

have in mind a theme around which you wish to work. The body can be as expressive as

the face : an upright pose it often static and solemn, an angular arrangement of limbs gives a sense of agitated movemnt. You may decide to select certain areas of the body

to stress from or texture, creating an abstract study by isolating relevant parts, as in the

photograph on my site.

As long as your model knows how to stant and move gracefully you shoul not have to

force her (bride) into a pose. On the other hand, professional models tend to assume

studied, affected poses in their overawareness of the camera - this is to be avoided.

The facial expression is important unless your picture is to be abstract,when you will

probably exclude the head in order to depersonalize the composition.

You must decide whether to pose your model in the open air, in a studio or some other

interior. A natural setting can provide a more harmonious background than the studio,

although here you must be careful to avoid making your picture look like the more gauche

and self-conscious covers of "maturist" magazines.

Jim Charalambous

cyprus weddind photographer

Dimitri and Carmen's wedding location photo shooting held at the Petra tou Romiou, Paphos - Cyprus

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