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Wedding photography cyprus such a fascinating profession

Wedding photography cyprus such a fascinating profession

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People who don' t like people have no business taking people pictures and, most of all,wedding photography is a people busines. In the course of their work, wedding photographers encounter

every type of nuptial ritual, from Chistian to Jewish to Buddhist to holistc, and enough characters

and situatios to fill a book.Sit down with an experienced wedding photographer and talk with him or her about the trade you'll hear stories both sublime and ridiculous, and about situatios that range from high comedy to moments filled with genuine emotion.

But that's what makes wedding photography such fascinating profession or a hobby.To an outsider, each wedding may look the same, but the seasoned wedding photographer knows better.It is hard work,and the demands made during the course of the day might well leave most mortals exhausted. Yet, with all the labor comes a reward-and that's the knowledge that, as the photographer, you' ve shared in one of the most intimate and touching moments in people's lives.

Most importantly, the job of the photographer is not only to make copies of faces and record the

day's events, but to make interpretations and pictorial statements about the individuals involved and the love they share.

While it's true that many weddings jobs are run according to certain script, it's also true that every job is different because every couple encountered has their own life, their own special story.

Every wedding means new people to meet, new stories to tell,and new challenges to face.

Placing every job into the same category will result in boring pictures and, within a short period

of time, a bored photographer.

Some people feel that wedding photography is a simple task, a rote exercise in shooting a few pictures of a kissing couple and other setup shots. Nothing could be further from the truth. in the course of a day, a wedding photographer will be involved with formal portraiture, commercial disign, fashion, glamour, group portraiture, photojournalism, and architectural photography.At the

same time, the photographer is also a director, a bridal consultant,and even a referee. Because

wedding photography encompasses so much, it is an excellent field with which to start, or to

hone your skills.

As those of you who' ve worked in this area khow, the actual shooting of a wedding can be

a pressure situation. In most instances there will not be a second chance to get certain shots. Wedding photographers have to know their equipment and should always be prepared with backups. Also time is a factor that must be considered; efficiency is of the utmost importance. The photographer has to fit everythihg into the schedule of the people who hire him or her, and

he or she may often run into situations like having to pose a dozen people for a group portrait in five minutes.Within this pressured framework. a wedding photographer has to watch for details work fast and, most of all, care.

What then, is the real task of the wedding photographer? It's carrying the responsibility of portraying intense emotion through pictures, at the same time telling a story about the

day of the wedding .This doesn't mean relying on cliches or putting couples and their families into awkward poses. Rather, it's taking what is natural to the people involved end refining it with a few simple rules of color, composition, end balance.

There's no one "style" that is right? No one pose that fits a situation every time. What is important is instinct, timing, consistency, and the understanding that every part of photograph has a reason to exist.

This clarity and understanding separates a wedding photographer from a snapshooter and is the

reason couples stll hire professionals to photograph their weddings.

Technique is important to successful wedding photography but keep in mind that psychology carries equal weight. The attitude of the photographer will influence the result in the pictures, just as much as the attitude of the people being photographed.

It often becomes the task of the wedding photographer to bring out the love and beauty that exists within his or her subjects.


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