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Civil Ceremonies in Cyprus

Civil Ceremonies in Cyprus

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Your civil ceremony can be held at Paphos Town Hall or Geroskipou.

1. Minimum residency period prior to marriage: 

You will need to apply for a special marriage license from the municipality where you are to be married. The minimum residency period for this type of license is three working days (this excludes the day of your arrival/weekends and public holidays)

2. Documents required:

You and your partner will each need:

Valid original 10-year UK passport which expires more than six months after the date of your return to the UK. Original birth certificate showing your parents’ names. Original Baptism/Christening certificate (for church weddings only). Original affidavit made less than 6 months before the date on which you return to the UK.

This must state the following information:

Your full name, exactly as it is stated on your passport or deed poll proof of name change if you have changed your name. Your full address. A statement that you are a citizen of the United Kingdom. A statement that you reside at the address you have given. Your current occupation. A statement that you are currently single and free to marry. Your parents’ full names, addresses and occupations. Your place of birth as stated on your birth certificate. Your date of birth as stated on your birth certificate. Your passport number. Lastly you must include the following statement: “I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835.” Your details as given in the affidavit must exactly match those on your birth certificate. If you have been divorced, your original decree absolute. This must bear the stamp of the court that issued it. If you have been widowed the original death certificate of your partner along with your original marriage certificate. If you have changed your name then your original deed poll proof of name change will be required. Please note that if you have been divorced and have reverted to using your maiden name then this counts as a change of name, and proof of that change will be required. If you are adopted then please bring your original adoption certificate with you.

Please bring the above documents with you when you travel.

Before You Travel

Please note that two witnesses to the marriage will be required under Cypriot law. Please inform us twelve weeks before the date of travel if you need us to arrange this for you.

Municipality of Paphos 
Civil Marriage Office P.O. Box 60052 – 8100 Pafos, Cyprus Telephone: +357 26 822 353 Fax: +357 26 822 364 Email: civil.marriages@pafos.org.cy Web: www.pafos.org.cy

After the legal Registration of your marriage, you may wish to hold a Celebration of Marriage ceremony, which venues such as Vasilias can arrange. With your personal choices of promises, vows and readings you can really make your special day everything you have always dreamed of, unique and specific to you as a couple.

Getting married in Cyprus means not only can you have a fairy tale wedding set against a breath-taking backdrop, but you can also ride off into the sunset together at the end of the day and enjoy a holiday on the Island of dreams and tranquillity.

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