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wedding photography - civil wedding

wedding photography - civil wedding

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Many photographers start a small business and by hard work,make it grow.As they succeed, they find themselves faced with an inexorable fact, a fact that often occasions

much heart-ache to thosegifted with creativity. Very simply stated, it is that to be a successful professional photographer today one must also be a busines organizer. Even

more simply 'you must run your business yourself

Many a time you will want to pick up a camera and go out and take photographs. And

many a time you will have to deny yourself the pleasure in order to deal with office routine,

facts, figures, plans-all the problems which fall squarely on the shoulders of the 'bos'.

Perhaps the first lesson to learn is that of delegation of authority-you must drivest yourself of as must work as possible-not so that you have nothing to do, but so that you

will be free to devote yourself to the important things which will rush in, as into a vacuum,

to occupy stll more of your time!

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