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Anthony and Gilly's amazing wedding

Anthony and Gilly's amazing wedding

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Anthony and Gilly is a very pleasant couple that we worked with.

They came to us from Scotland wanting to get married in a charming little church built in the middle ages. The scenery was perfect for this couple since the ancient church made out of rocks matched the best man's and bridesmaids traditional outfis. Not only did the environment and outfits created a very magical aura but it also gave me, as a photographer a great amount of inspiration to shoot.

At the end of the ceremony Anthony and Gilly left the church on a brand new tractor, since Anthony is a businessman who owns a tractor company.Their choice of vehicle brought a new air of energy at the moment, the guests got excited and the couple had a lot of fun demonstrating their excellent sense of humor.

Afterwards, I had the chance to shoot some very sweet and more personal pictures of the couple.

One of my favorite shots is Gilly sittihg on the bench after the ceremony off her cute little red shoes, being surrounded by beautiful purple flowers that matched her fairytale presence.

In addition I took a few shots of the guests with the couple being in the spotlight and then I moved on to shoot the catering that was set in a beautiful white tent which added to the lovely style of this wedding.

Last but not least I took some shots of the speeches from friends end relatives that gave us a good laugh but were very moving as well.

All in all it was a lovely wedding and I cannot wait to hear back from Anthony and Gilly in the near future!

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