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Stunning wedding photography

Stunning wedding photography

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Photography is a form of art, a time capsule and an excellent way to spend a fun afternoon.

Pre-wedding shoots always result in the most artistic and beautiful pictures that every couple will have after their wedding ceremony. These pictures are the kind of pictures that tell your personal story as a couple and decorate the wall of your household to live through generations to come. Eventhough that sounds amazing I understand that it may sound scary as well, since a lot of people are nervous about posing in front of the lens. A lot of my clients might be camera shy or they may think that they are not photogenic enough. My philosophy as a photographer is that is not about how photogenic you are, it’s about finding the perfect angle of your face that will make a picture amazing. Though years of training and experience my eyes are wired to immediately see the good qualities of a face and know exactly how to shoot every person individually in a way that adds to their charm. As far as it concerns the people who are camera shy they first thing that I want to say to them is that I completely understand how you feel! As a photographer, I spend most of my time behind the lens so whenever someone wants to take a picture of me it feels strange. However, I do believe that there is a solution to every problem. When you come to your pre-wedding shoot we will first take some “warm up” pictures that will be very simple just to make you feel a bit more comfortable. In addition I tend to speak to my clients and guide them all the way through the photoshoot so there will not be a moment that you will be in doubt about what to do. I promise that after a few clicks and some jokes you will feel a lot better in front of the lens! Shooting newly wed couples is my favorite thing to do as a photographer. It gives me excitement and a creative rush that can be contagious. All you have to do is show up at your wedding shoot and leave everything else to me!

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