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Olympia is an artist from Andorra, currently going to school to the Academy of Arts of San Francisco studying to be a painter.

Olympia was interested in working with me in order to create some unique portraits of her.

Being massively influenced by the world of filmmaking, I am interested in creating a cinematic series of pictures, in the sense that the lighting and theme would seem to be part of a movie. When I pitched this idea to Olympia she was very excited to shoot this concept with me, not only because she's a true artist at heart, but also, because as she warmly told me, it would make her mom really happy.

After studying several mystery movies, I decided that I would shoot a low lit scene, with few highlights on Olympia's face. My colour palette was limited to dark tones of blue and grey with some details of cool cyan and white.

For this shoot I played a lot with the intensity and placement of my flash to create the effect that I wanted.

This was a great shoot and I couldn't have asked for a better model than Olympia!

San Francisco

Christiana Ch


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