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Ayia napa town Hall wedding photographer - Photoprint

Ayia napa town Hall wedding photographer - Photoprint

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Below you can find some useful information about the Town Hall of Ayia napa

ayia napa
Ayia napa sunset Photography

Civil marriages can be solemnized at Ayia Napa Municipality according to the Marriage Law 101(I) of 2003. Civil ceremonies are carried out at the Ayia Napa Town Hall, the Amphitheatre or at authorized venues which have a licence to do weddings and at the new venues which have recently been created by the Ayia Napa Municipality.

The ceremony itself is a short civil service held by the Mayor or by one of the Marriage Officers from Monday to Friday between 11.00-18.00, on Saturday from 11.00 – 14.00, except on bank holidays.

The venue halls at Ayia Napa are ideal to create your special day full of memories that will last forever. Make your choice from the wide range of available venues, that best suits your desires… from a sunset ceremony at sea, to a formal ballroom or a romantic barefoot ceremony on the golden sand.

Cape Greco Venue

It's a picturesque place where the couple can see and admire the best sunrise and sunset of Europe.

Venue Ammos (Kampouri) Main Venue & Beach Venue

A sea coastal venue decorated very stylish with romantic approach suitable for a couple who dreams to get married on a fabulous beach with background scenery the blue colours of the Sky, the Sea and the golden sandy beach.

Venue Aoratos (Juniper Tree)

One of the unique and most photo-shoot trees in Cyprus is found at the Cape Greco National Park of Ayia Napa.

Thalassa Museum Venue

This wedding venue is found in one of the best Museums in the Mediterranean and has recently been included among the top-ten Museums in Europe.

Votsalo Beach Venue (Ziatzi)

A romantic venue on the sand with unique decoration.

Poseidon Venue

A traditional and stylish place located on the coastal side of Ayia Napa, close to the Harbour and very close to the sea.

Ayios Epifanios

Main Venue, Cross on the Hill, the cave of Ayios Epifanios and out the old Church of Ayios Epifanios.

The main characteristic of this venue is that the couple will have as a background the panoramic view of Ayia Napa. It's an amalgamation of the natural endowment and Byzantine history.

Wedding Venues

- Ayia Napa Town Hall - The Amphitheatre of the Town Hall (except July and August)

New Venues

- Cape Greco - Poseidon Palace (by the harbour) - Aoratos – Juniper Tree (By Cape Greco – the most photo shoot tree in Cyprus) - Ayios Epifanios - Thalassa Museum - Ammos (BeachVenue) - Votsalo (Ziatzi Beach)

Hotels/Outside Venues

- Adams Beach Hotel - Atlantica Aeneas Resort & Spa - Alion Beach Hotel - Asterias Beach Hotel - Bella Napa Bay Hotel - Sunwing Sandy Bay Village - Christofinia Hotel - Dome Beach Hotel & Resort - Faros Hotel - Grecian Bay Hotel - Grecian Sands Hotel - Napa Mermaid Hotel & Suites - Napa Plaza Hotel - Nestor Hotel - Nissi Beach Hotel - Olympic Lagoon Resort - Pavlo Napa Beach Hotel - Atlantica Club Sungarden Beach Hotel - So Nice Boutique Suites - So White Boutique Suites - Guru Bar - Amante Club - Aphrodite Beach Venue - Pierre Anne Beach Hotel - Paradise Beach – Christatsos Restaurant - The Garden Of Eden Restaurant - Eden Beach (Asterias Beach Hotel) - La Casa Di Napa Restaurant

Required Documents

Wedding documents page


- Certificate for civil status From the Authorized Department of the country of Residency (for some Countries an Apostille stamp is required.

- Affidavit or Statutory Declaration from a Solicitor or a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public in UK (for British passport holders).

- In case of Foreigners who live in Cyprus for more than a year, a certificate from the Ministry of Interior (in Cyprus) is needed. Its date of issue must not be more that two months.

- Birth Certificate

- Original Divorce paper (if any) / Death Certificate (if any)

- Name Change Documents (if any)

- Passport

For information please contact:

Wedding Registry Office Ayia Napa Municipality Maria Tofini Tsantila, Anna Zakheou Tel: +357 23816309, 23816327, 23816307 Fax: +357 23723904 E-mails: weddings@agianapa.org.cy

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