Serge and Sabine

 Serge and Sabine's  Wedding from Lebanon in Amazing Photo Shooting  at the        St Mary of Graces Catholic Church, Larnaca and after at Galu Seaside in Cyprus.
Wedding Planning Service   By Maisy Khoury, Cyprus - Lebanon
Photography  by  Demetris WPO  & Nitsa H 
 Serge and Sabine's  Wedding from Lebanon in Amazing Photo Shooting  at the        St Mary of Graces Catholic Church, Larnaca and after at Galu Seaside in Cyprus,  on  22 JUNE 2018
Couple having their wedding ceremony inside the beautiful  church of St Mary of Graces Catholic, Larnaca
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Wedding ceremony inside of the  beautiful  church of St Mary of Graces Catholic Larnaca, Cyprus | wedding pictures ideas of lebanese bride and groom in Larnaca cyprus, Larnaca wedding photographers
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Hundreds illuminated balloon drifts across the Larnaca night sky at Serge and Sabine's wedding party  |  cyprus wedding photographers, Bespoke lebanese wedding pictures ideas in Larnaca cyprus
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